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Workout Plan
Personalised plan tailored to your needs and goals
Personalised macronutrients ratio and customised meal plan that fits into your lifestyle
Coaching & Plan
1x session to guide you on how to perform certain exercises in the training plan
Complimentary session
Unlimited support system via WhatsApp to assist/answer any queries that you may have along the way
Support System
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Making any necessary adjustments to your program accordingly on a monthly basis
Monthly Review & Weekly Check-Ins

This training program is designed to assist you in reaching your fitness objectives conveniently,

regardless of your location.

It is best suited for people with some fundamental fitness training background who are looking to get

fit and healthy from the comfort of their own home and time. 


The program will be customised according to your training history, current fitness levels, and in-body analysis. This personalised approach enables me to create the optimal training program to support you in achieving your fitness goals.

Healthy Food


The value that you will be receiving:

(1) Personalised training program that will be tailored based on your training history, current fitness level, in-body analysis, available equipment and taking into account any past injuries acquired. 

(2) Nutrition guidance and advice on your calorie intake, customised macronutrient ratio and plan based on the given information around your preferences and goals that is sustainable in the long run.

(3) Complimentary 1x session in the gym to teach you how to perform the exercises that are included in your training program. 

(4) Weekly check-ins in regards to your progression and monthly review to make necessary adjustments to your program.

(5) Unlimited support system via WhatsApp to assist/answer any queries that you may have along the way.

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